Negative Space and Caviar Beads

The other day I was casually perusing around a Walgreen’s when I found a cheap little wheel of nail art thingies – you know, with caviar beads, rhinestones, studs, and the like. Of course I bought it, it was like two dollars. Plus, I’ve always wanted to fiddle around with those tiny little beads! So, I did, and I came up with this:

nude negative space caviar bead nail art


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Chloe & Bella 2015 Spring Collection

Press Sample

Today I have some absolutely lovely spring nail polishes to show you! This is the entire Chloe & BellaΒ 2015 Spring Collection! It’s three creamy pastels and three super sparkly and fresh glitters. These go on sale this Saturday, March 21! First of all, I’d like to go ahead and say that all of these polishes apply very smoothly, with relatively fast drying times. Even the glitters go on very nicely! Any individual things I noticed I will state below. But overall, I was very pleased with the formula that these polishes have!

chloe and bella spring collection nail polish swatch

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NAFW2015: Nail Art Fashion Week!

Hello lovelies! Sorry for the break in posting, but spring break proved to be busier than I thought! It also happened to be the same week as #NAFW2015 (Nail Art Fashion Week), which is hosted by the amazingly talented @SoNailicious, @manicurator, @faustgil, and @seizethenail. I didn’t quite get the chance (or the inspiration) to participate in every day of the week’s challenges, but I did end up fitting a few in!

First up is Day 3: Bag! I picked this adorable piece by Moschino that is covered in little teddy bears. When I saw this bag, I realized I had to recreate it. How could I pass up this opportunity?


moschino inspired nail art fashion week
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