Bejeweled Bug Nails

Hello lovely people! Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Life is busy… finals week is coming up! Anyway, I saw some gorgeous nails done by @Seizethenail who was inspired by @nailartist_vseyarusi and I felt the need to copy them and embellish my nails in an entirely impractical fashion.

bejeweled bug nails

I love these. I kind of feel like a sparkly heiress when I wear them, even though they are…well… bugs. They’re not particularly practical and I don’t expect these studs and beads to last particularly long… but they sure are fun!

Did these take a long time? Hell yeah. Could I have just done one buggy accent nail to make my life easier? Also correct. But, I couldn’t decide which insect design to copy so I picked my favorites instead! I started with a smooth nude base, and started painting with a little nail art brush. Then, I added the studs and beads with a toothpick and some clear nail polish for stickiness.

bejeweled bug nails

  • For the bee: Bzzzz. This actually scared me a bit before I added the embellishments, because it’s about the same size as an actual bee on my nail and that was a bit terrifying. Bees are harmless but also scary – the buzzing freaks me out! And the fact that sometimes there’s like a bajillion of them at once. It’s casual, I’ll just cry over there. Anyway, I painted the bee using black and yellow nail polish, with a little baby blue for the wings. First, start with the head. It’s like a fat teardrop shape with some black beady eyes. The body is a longer teardrop with alternating black and yellow stripes. The wings are like long u’s with black lines drawn over them, and the legs are little ovals connected together. It’s really quite easy, you just have to take it slow and make sure the proportions match up. Don’t worry about being messy – the beads will cover it all up! Add two black pearl studs for the eyes, and line the yellow and black stripes with gold and black caviar beads. Add a few gold beads onto each wing, and a little rhinestone stud if you can!

bejeweled bug nails

  • For the beetle: I love the original beetle designs, so I was trying to capture the goodness here. I realize now that I should have used some flakies for a real jewel beetle look, but instead I used black nail polish, lime green nail polish, and grass green nail polish. The body is composed of two curved triangles stacked on top of each other, with black triangles extending into them. I filled it in with a light green, then added dots of a darker green. The legs are painted pretty easily with some quick brush strokes, and the antennae as well. The head is just an oval. I added two gold studs as eyes on the head, gold beads on the top half of the body, and rhinestones surrounded by gold beads on the bottom half. I added a few black caviar beads on each ‘foot’ and at the ends of the antennae.

bejeweled bug nails

  • For the butterfly: I used a dotting tool to make three dots for the body. Draw wings extending from this body – they should be shaped like a B roughly, and very symmetrical. I coloured in the wings with a darker orange around the outside, and a lighter orange in the middle. I also added some wispy little antennae. I added a rhinestone on each wing, and sporadically added some beads in a symmetrical fashion.

bejeweled bug nails

  • For the ladybug: Isn’t this little guy cute? All I did was paint a little black oval for a head, and a large circle underneath it. I filled in the circle with red, drew a line to halve it, and added a triangle at the base to define the wings. Little stick legs stick out of the body, along with some antennae pincer things. I added a bead onto each black dot, and a mass of gold ones on it’s butt because I felt like it needed more bling.

Let it all dry, and add topcoat slowly and generously to prevent bubbles and promote hold! And that’s it. πŸ™‚

Happy painting, friends.



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