Easy Spring Daisy Nails

Today I have a super easy design to show you that’s easy for everyone to do! Bonus – it’s absolutely perfect for spring.

easy spring daisy nail art


The base is OPI “Cajun Shrimp”, a lovely pinkish-red coral-y colour that I think embodies spring really well. It’s lighter than true reds, and much more pink in tone. Plus, it’s a perfect base for these white and yellow daisies.

easy spring daisy nail art

I adore how simple these are. Do I even need to do a tutorial on these? I mean, I still will… but it’s just three flowers! So easy. I like half-moons because they leave a lot of the nail empty so that you can really admire the base colour, but it glamsย it up a bit so your nails can still stand out.

easy spring daisy nail art

All I used for these nails is a small nail art brush, a dotting tool, and three colours of nail polish. You could use acrylic paint if that’s easier for you, but I don’t happen to have any on hand. If you have trouble freehanding a half moon shape (don’t underestimate it – it’s hard to get even!), you can use half-circle vinyls or hole punch reinforcers or any sort of circular sticker type thing to help guide you.

I paint flowers by first drawing a plus sign with the white. Then, I fill in the gaps to form a circular flower by adding two more petals between each arm of the plus sign. I go over this once or twice to even out the petals and make sure it’s opaque, and then I use a dotting tool and add a dot of yellow in the middle. Add two more, one on each side of the middle flower, and that’s it! Swipe on some topcoat and let dry.

I hope you enjoyed this simple little nail art idea. This look definitely needs a strong base colour that you really enjoy. Maybe a nice mint, or even a magenta-ish purple. Do what you feel fits you (and your outfit) the best!

Happy painting!



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