Easter Bunny Nails

Hey everyone! I have some nails just in time for Easter! I decided to paint bunnies, of course. They’re the cutest. I could have gone for baby chicks too… hmm. What about… bunny chicks? Never…nevermind. That sounds like a genetic experiment gone wrong.

Anyway, here are my nails! I wanted to use some pastels for easy freehand nail art, and bunnies are the way to go!

easter bunny nail art tutorial

I decided to vary the character roles of these bunnies. Maybe these bunnies are a family? I went for a very content bunny, a cute bug-eyed bunny, a bespectacled bunny, and a baby bunny (mostly because my pinky nail is so small). The base for this mani is the lovely “Aubergine Cream” by Chloe & Bella Cosmetics. I love pastel lavenders for spring!

easter bunny nail art tutorial

Next, I used a toothpick to dot some mint polka dots on the nail. I like small, delicate polka dots and toothpicks are perfect for achieving these. I painted the bunny heads with a few swipes of a nail polish brush, to paint a white semi-circle at the tip of the nail. The noses and mouths are painted with a paint brush and a rosy baby pink nail polish, and the insides of the ears are too. The eyes are dotted with a dotting tool, a toothpick, or the end of a paintbrush, depending on their size. The little glasses and whiskers were painted with grey polish and a thin art brush too. These nails are very simple! It’s like drawing like a kid again, except it’s in smaller scale at the end of your nail.

easter bunny nail art tutorial

Make sure to add topcoat over the nail to seal the design in. I should also stress that painting with a brush and cleaning it with acetone is very drying and can make the bristles stiff. I like to dip my brush in some cuticle or coconut oil and rub it into the bristles between colours, to keep the brush soft and malleable. Just a tip! I originally learned this from Simply Nailogical!

I hope you all liked these cute nails! I definitely loved wearing them. Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Go find some eggs and eat some chocolate!

Happy painting!



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